LOOK: Vatican has some of the most beautiful stamps in the world!

LOOK: Vatican has some of the most beautiful stamps in the world!

The Vatican may be the smallest country in the world, but it sure is self-sufficient. It has its very own flag and anthem, operates its own train railway station, and has even developed its own impressive mailing system. In fact, the Vatican’s postal system is so proficient that even Juliana Nel, a spokeswoman for the Universal Postal Union, says that the Vatican’s mailing system is “probably one of the best postal systems in the world.”


But not only has the Vatican post office earned its well-deserved reputation for its efficiency, it also bears the distinction of producing the most memorable and colorful stamps in the world. Doubly special because of their limited issues, these stamps are considered by collectors prized additions to their collections.


Browse through the gallery below to see some of the Vatican’s most-treasured stamp designs:


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Text by Stephanie Jesena-Novero. Photos from Alamy, commons.wikimedia.org, Freepik, Philatelic and Numismatic Office, and Vatican Media.
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