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The Legend of Lake Bababu


Once upon a time, there were twins named Serena and Sally who lived by the foot of the mountains with their family. Their father was a woodcutter while their mother was known throughout the land for her vegetable garden. The mountains were full of trees that their father needed for his livelihood. Unfortunately, water was scarce so they often had to walk to the lake where water was plentiful.


The twins always collect shells and sparkly rocks while on their way to the lake. They use them to decorate the path to the lake.



“It’s your turn today!” “No, it’s your turn!” Fights about whose turn it was to carry the heavy pail of water were a daily occurrence. Serena and Sally would often return with a bucket half full because water would spill every time they argued along the way.


One day, because of all their noise, one of the giants living at the top of the mountain woke up from his sleep. He looked around for the source of all the shouting and accidentally stepped on their shells and rocks as he walked around. The shells scattered and their sharp points pierced the skin of his foot. He sat on the ground and began to cry. Huge tears poured out from his eyes and flowed down the mountain to the lake.


The twins did not know what to do. They were scared to approach the giant but they also felt sorry for him. Finally, Serena gathered up her courage, took a deep breath, and slowly walked towards the giant. “Can I please help you, Mr. Giant?”, she shouted. He looked down at where the sound was coming from and saw a little girl shouting up at him. “Yes, please”, he eagerly replied, “It is very, very painful!” The twins went up to the giant and gently pried out many pieces of shells and rocks from his feet.



When they were done, they gathered up some calendula leaves and flowers, pound them with a rock, and applied the paste on his wounds. He immediately stopped crying and gave a great, big sigh. “That feels so much better”, he said.


The girls were glad that they were able to help this big fellow and said goodbye. The giant thanked them and reminded them to help each other instead of fighting. The twins promised. From that day on, they decided to share the load by bringing two smaller pails they could easily carry back and forth from the lake. The salty tears of the giant settled at the bottom of the lake, which now has freshwater on the surface and saltwater underneath.


Did you know? Lake Bababu is real! Found in Dinagat Islands, Lake Bababu has both freshwater and saltwater in its lake. There is a long underwater cave tunnel that connects to the sea, which explains why the saltwater can be found at the bottom. Up to 20 feet of freshwater can be found on top due to rain.


This story is from the ‘My Virtues’ section of My Pope Kids magazine’s June 2018 issue. Text by Lucia Mapa. Audio by Aizel Dolom.
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