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Story Time: Jenny Learns to Obey




It was late in the afternoon when Jenny’s mom slid a tray of crumbly chocolate fudge brownies out from the oven. “Wow,” Jenny cried, as she inhaled the delicious scent and reached out for a taste.


“Remember, these brownies are for the four children of Ate Fe,” her mother said. Ate Fe was their new laundry woman.


“Can I get one? Please, Mommy?” Jenny begged after her mom sliced the brownies into small squares.


Her mom agreed as she handed Jenny four small paper bags. Jenny happily picked up a brownie and nibbled away as she placed four brownies inside each paper bag and laid them on the kitchen table.


“I think Ate Fe will be done washing clothes in a bit.” Her mother looked at her watch and said, “I’ll just go out and check.”


She stood up and stated firmly, “Remember: No more brownies!”


Jenny glanced at the bags of brownies as her mom left the kitchen. “Hmm, maybe another one won’t hurt,” she thought. “Munch, crumble, munch. Ooh, that was so yummy! Maybe just one more…” Jenny opened the second paper bag and took another brownie. One more brownie from the third bag followed. Once she got to the last bag, Jenny started with the first one all over again. Before she knew it, the bags were all empty.


“I have a little something for your kids, Ate Fe.” Jenny heard her mom say as she and Ate Fe entered the kitchen. Her mom grabbed one bag, then paused. She slowly opened one bag after the other. She looked at Jenny, who guiltily brushed off some stray brownie bits from the corner of her mouth.


Her mother turned to Ate Fe. “Oh, I forgot, the treats are in my room. Let me get them.” She went upstairs, leaving Jenny and Ate Fe in the kitchen. Ate Fe smiled shyly at Jenny.


Jenny began to realize that Ate Fe’s kids won’t have brownies. She could feel how embarrassed her mom was. She felt terrible.


After what felt like forever, her mom finally came downstairs, holding packets of biscuits. “Here you go,” she said kindly, handing them to Ate Fe along with her wages. After Ate Fe left, Jenny slowly turned to her mom. “I’m really sorry, Mommy – please don’t get mad at me,” she said in a small voice.


Her mother sighed. “I’m not mad. I’m disappointed.” Somehow this made Jenny feel worse. She felt a hollow, achy feeling inside her heart.


“You know why we were making brownies for Ate Fe’s kids, right? It’s because we wanted to surprise them with a treat. I wanted to make them happy, and I wanted you to share in the joy of making other people happy,” her mom explained. She looked closely at Jenny. “I know you feel bad that you don’t have anything to share with her children.” Jenny nodded, her eyes filling with tears.


“Sweetheart, respect me by listening to me, and trust me enough to obey me. Know that I only want the best for you, and that should inspire you to be obedient,” her mother said.


“And look,” she took out a plastic container and said, “this is for you.” Jenny’s eyes widened. Brownies! “But I didn’t see you setting aside any for me,” she said. “It’s because I baked these for you this morning,” her mother explained.


Wiping away tears, Jenny ran to her mom and hugged her. “I’m so sorry, Mommy. I will always listen to you from now on. Can we give these brownies to Ate Fe tomorrow?” Smiling, her mother replied, “Of course.” Jenny clapped her hands. “I can’t wait!”


Hi, Kids! Did you like the story of Jenny? Remember to always obey your parents as they know what’s best for you. For more stories like this, visit! ‘Til the next!


The story of Jenny originally appeared in the May 2018 issue of My Pope Kids magazine. Text by Stephanie L. Jesena.
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