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How sharing and caring win the day!

 Have you ever been greedy and taken more than your share? As Lolo Kiko once said, “We need to let go of pride and envy, for all wars begin in a jealous heart.”


Take your cue from this story that was inspired by The Fable of the Tortoise and the Monkey and learn the value of sharing from the heart!





There once was a turtle who loved playing with his friend, the monkey. One day, as they played by the river, they spotted a banana tree that was floating in the water. It was a very fine tree, with large green leaves, thick, long roots, and heavy bunches of ripe, yummy-looking bananas. The turtle and monkey quickly pulled the tree ashore, in disbelief over their good fortune.


“Let’s divide it in half,” suggested the turtle, “this way we can each take a part of it and plant it at home.”


“We can definitely do that,” the monkey agreed, and they proceeded to cut the tree in the middle. Since the monkey was stronger, he was able to take the upper part of the tree, thinking that it would grow more quickly for it had leaves. The turtle was left with the lower portion. His part looked lifeless, with  stringy roots.


After a few days, the two met again.


“Hello, Monkey!” said the turtle. “How are you getting on with your banana tree?”


“Boo hoo hoo!” replied the monkey. “My tree died! What about yours, Turtle?”


“Oh! Mine is doing well. Its leaves and fruits are thriving. The things is, I can’t climb up to gather them.”


“Don’t worry,” said the monkey, “I will climb up and pick them for you.”


“Wow, thank you, Monkey,” replied the turtle gratefully. And so they walked toward the turtle’s house.


As soon as the monkey saw the bunches of bananas hanging heavily among large green leaves, he felt jealous and immediately climbed up and began munching on them.


“Please give me some, too, Monkey!” exclaimed the turtle from below.


The monkey laughed. “Oh, Turtle, these bananas are only for those who can climb up and eat them. Here, have a bit of the skin!” the monkey guffawed, his cheeks stuffed with bananas.


The turtle was rather hurt, but he was happy his friend was able to enjoy the bananas he couldn’t reach. “At least they’re not going to waste,” he thought to himself, as he began to tidy up the banana peels the monkey kept tossing down from the tree. He was a very neat turtle who always kept his home clean, so he gathered all the peels and put them in a little pile at the base of the tree.  


When the monkey finally headed back down, he was overstuffed from eating too much fruit. He tumbled down the trunk, landed with a thud, slipped on the neat pile of banana peels—and banged his head on the tree! The tree shook from the impact, and a heavy bunch of bananas fell right at the surprised turtle’s feet!


The monkey howled in pain, and stormed off in a huff. The turtle was sorry to see his that his friend was hurt—and in a very bad mood—but he knew he could never catch up with him. So the turtle decide to let the monkey cool off, and in the meantime, he enjoyed his bunch of yummy bananas.



Hi, Kids! Did you like the story of the turtle and the monkey? Remember to always be kind! Learn how to share and be content with what you’re given. If you do so, more blessings will surely come your way!


‘Til the next story!


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