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Spice up your Halloween with these plastic-free treats!

The Halloween season is approaching! Any treat ideas for those adorable trick-or-treaters? My Pope lists down four plastic-free treat ideas for this snack-happy holiday!


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(Photo from eatingwell.com)


Make healthy and natural treats out of fruits. For instance, with a marker, you can draw faces on pieces of kiatkiat and you instantly have mini jack-o-lanterns! Or why not stick a couple of chocolate chips on peeled bananas to make—wait for it—boo-nanas! Super cute, right?


Baked or Chilled Goodies

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Make your Halloween preparations just as fun for you and your family! Baking your own set of cupcakes, brownies, or biscuits with your kids is a great idea. Or if you are more of a chill person, make a cool treat like an ice cream sandwich made of a small scoop of ice cream between two biscuits. Just get creative with how you present them and voila!–you have a boo-tifully prepared alternative to those sweets bought from the grocery!


Hired Local Vendor

(Photo from Hizon’s Catering)


Ditch single-use for single serve! Hire manong sorbetero for ice cream, or get someone who sells cotton candy or fishballs and have him serve up the treats for you. You can even have him dress up for Halloween to add to the fun!


Homemade Crafts

(Photo from cosnitechnologies.us)


Treats do not always need to come in edible sweets! Crafts like origami, DIY Halloween accessories,  and repurposed crayons could also do the trick! Try these DIY crafts from Life Without Plastic to get these treats started with!



Text by Aizel Dolom.
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