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Knowing Your Money Personality Can Lead to More Money in the Bank!

Money Personality

Knowing your money personality can be quite helpful. While some personalities are not necessarily bad, they may have a tendency to block your progress, especially when it comes to your spending and saving habits. We present four money personalities. Discover which one is yours—and learn how you can make it work for (and not against)—you!

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The Spender

Spenders value quality and the finer things in life as these make them feel important, loved, and validated. While they are aware of how much they spend, pleasure, enjoyment, and living in the now are a spender’s top priorities. 

My Pope Tip: Treating yourself is not necessarily bad—if you don’t overdo it, that is. But if your bank account is always empty, you simply have to cut back on your spending. First, recognize your triggers: Is it your mood, wanting to keep up with your friends, or Payday Friday? Once you realize what your triggers are, be more conscious and stop yourself from always indulging simply to fuel a high. 

The Avoider

Avoiders believe their problems will go away if they don’t pay attention to them. So individuals with this money personality only open their bills at the last minute—if they open them at all. They like to tell themselves that life will always work out for the best… somehow.

My Pope Tip: Your bills won’t pay themselves and avoiding them will only lead to more interest and late fees. When you’re tempted to ignore a financial issue, list down the consequences of your avoidance. Also, try setting up an auto-debit system where part of your salary is automatically deducted for savings, paying bills, and investments. This way you can rest knowing that your money matters are in order. 

The Giver

Givers have a hard time saying “no” to people because their compassion and empathy always get the better of them. They donate to charities, treat their loved ones, and never think twice when it comes to helping cash-strapped friends. As a result, they are often unable to save and may end up living beyond their means even without spending on themselves. 

My Pope Tip: Being compassionate and generous toward others is certainly admirable, but it’s not your job to be Santa Claus. And if giving has become a means for you to feel loved and valued, then it’s actually doing more harm than good! If you always bail your neighbors, staff, perfect strangers, and loved ones out because you feel bad for them, they will become dependent on you, and you won’t give them the chance to learn how to keep their finances in check. 

The Saver 

Savers are usually the ones who switch off the lights when they leave a room, who shop only when necessary and on sale, and are totally averse to splurging. They do not like taking risks and their idea of fun is seeing how much they’ve saved up. 

My Pope Tip: As Pope Francis said “money has to serve, not rule.” So don’t let life pass you by because you fear that every purchase will lead to poverty (it’s time to replace your worn-out shoes!) Unclench those firsts, live a little, and enjoy the benefits that spending for quality brings. Money is meant to make your life better, so let it do its job. 


Text by the My Pope team.

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