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Spiritual tips on how to avoid gluttony

Gluttony is an interesting sin, one that many of us commit in various ways. It is an inordinate love of food and drink, which can prompt us to either eat too much, or too little.

Essentially, charity and moderation is thrown out the window with gluttony, and all we care about is the food, to the detriment of our own health or the well-being of our host. Food becomes our ultimate focus, which does damage to our soul, shifting our focus away from God.

Venerable Louis of Granada, a Dominican priest of the 16th century, gave his advice in a book rightly called The Sinner’s Guide. In it, he gives a step-by-step plan for sinners who want to start practicing virtue and be released from their slavery to sin.

Here are a few spiritual tips he gave regarding how to combat the sin of gluttony.




This feature originally appears in Aleteia. Words by Philip Kosloski.
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