This campaign series about Filipino graduates will touch your heart

This campaign series about Filipino graduates will touch your heart

We Filipinos believe that a diploma is a lifelong treasure, a pride that we share not just with our parents, but also with the rest of our kin.


This is also the reason why most Pinoys tend to celebrate every academic achievement in the family. No matter how big or small the accomplishment––dearest bunso received the Most Polite award, kuya is moving up to senior high school, or nanay finally got her post-graduate degree––Filipinos would always make sure to gather up family members and celebrate their loved one’s success.


Such heartwarming culture is what Selecta aims to highlight in its latest campaign series, #SarapMagBonding. The campaign, dedicated to this year’s new batch of graduates, tells three inspirational stories of Filipinos who, in their own ways, made their families proud.


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Extra Scoop


The first in the campaign series, Extra Scoop is a cute take on the “reward system” that is common to every Filipino household. Its lead character, the bunso, is shown to be determined to receive an award from his school––a result of him constantly observing how his mother gives his siblings an extra scoop of ice cream whenever they come home with a medal or recognition from school. Finally, it’s the youngest one’s time to shine! Bunso comes home with a medal and gets his much-desired extra scoop of ice cream. But don’t get fooled, how he got his extra scoop will surely leave you giggling!




Biyahe is a touching short film that celebrates the sacrifices that Filipino parents make to send their children to school. It opens with a male character who, while on a tricycle ride going home, reminisces his valedictory speech about how his father made ends meet just to see him graduate. You’ll never guess the surprise toward the end! Watch the video above to see what we’re talking about!




Our favorite from the three short films, Toga makes us realize how hard work and persistence can go a long way. Its scenes––the graduate reminiscing the events from the graduation rites, family members welcoming the graduate at the home, and a child and a parent happily sharing a cup of ice cream to celebrate the other’s achievement––will also make you feel nostalgic of your own graduation day. Just make sure to watch the video until the end––its plot twist will surely make you shed a tear!



Text by Aizel Dolom.

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