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For a limited time only: Scribd makes entire e-book collection free for everyone!

With lockdowns and quarantines in place all over the world due to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (CoViD-19), people are forced to stay indoors and find ways to occupy themselves. And to help make the quarantine a bit more bearable, Scribd—considered as the world’s largest digital library—has made their entire collection accessible for 30 days. Yes, you read that right, all of their 60 million ebooks, including audiobooks, can be accessed for free!


On Scribd’s blog, founder and CEO Trip Adler wrote, “…access to books and information is more important than before. Reading can offer incredible comfort: it reduces anxiety and makes us feel more accomplished and even happier.” He said that their goal is to ensure that the public can access their favorite books and explore quality content “as we settle into our new normal for the next few weeks.”


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There is no need for a credit card or subscription commitment when signing up for Scribd’s limited time offer. Anyone who wants to read their favorite author’s books or listen to an audiobook can click this link to avail of the free service.


Other services

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Aside from Scribd, several other digital libraries and databases have made their collections free for all to access. JSTOR, one of the larger academic databases, announced that select e-books and journals will be accessible for free, without the need to sign in. These select content—more than 6,000 e-books and 150 journals—can be accessed through this link


Science Direct, a medical research database, has made their Novel Coronavirus Information Center accessible to the public. Visitors of the website would be able to read peer-reviewed journal articles about the coronavirus.


Writers, authors, and other creatives have also provided free access to their novels and comics. You may check them out here:


Mina Esguerra Novels

Hulyen Comics

Mervin Malonzo (Tabi Po Series)

Point Zero (Pasig Unbound Series)

Paulo Coelho Novels


Likewise, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) has made several historical documentaries available on YouTube. TBA Studios and Cinema One also made some of their films and series available on their respective YouTube channels.

Text by Katie Rojas.

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