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Pope Quiz: What do the colors of the vestments signify?

Have you ever noticed how the priests’ vestments change color depending on the time of the year? Take this short quiz to test your knowledge on what these different hues signify!



Congratulations! You answered most of the items correctly!

Better luck next time! The good thing is you got to learn what these hues mean!

#1 This deep and solemn tone is worn by priests during Lent, Advent, and funeral masses.

Correct answer: purple. The color represents of waiting, penitence, and preparation. It is worn during Lent to remind us to reflect on our ways, to repent, and to prepare our hearts for the suffering and death of Christ during Holy Week. Purple is also worn during Advent, a time of waiting and preparation.


#2 This shade is worn during Palm Sunday, Good Friday, feasts of Holy Martyrs, and Pentecost

Correct answer: red. The color symbolizes the blood of Christ, and it is worn when we commemorate the Lord’s passion and death. Because of this, it is used during Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and on feasts of Holy Martyrs. Red is also worn during Pentecost, when the fire of the Holy Spirit comes to reignite and strengthen our faith.


#3 Priests wear this color during Christmas, Easter, feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary, All Saints’ Day, and nuptial masses

Correct answer: white and gold. The colors represent the light and glory of Jesus, and they are considered as the colors of His birth and resurrection. They remind us of the innocence and purity of the Christ Child, and the victory of the risen Lord.


#4 This tone is worn during regular days of the year, on the period after the Ephiphany, and during the time after Pentecost

Correct answer: green. This color symbolizes the growth of the Church, the hope of salvation, and the promise of eternal life. Perhaps this color can remind us to keep our faith alive even during ordinary days and not just on special occasions.


#5 This beautiful hue is worn during the third week of Advent (Gaudete Sunday) and the fourth week of Lent

Correct answer: rose. This color is worn during periods of joy in the Church’s calendar. It is used for only two weeks out of the year, but the time of rose- colored garments is when we can take a break from all that and experience joyfulness.




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