Pope Quiz: How well do you know your Panata?

Pope Quiz: How well do you know your Panata?

When we were little kids in school, we were made to regularly attend flag raising ceremonies on the first day of the week. Apart from singing the national anthem, we also memorized and recited the patriotic oath of the Philippines known as Panatang Makabayan.


But did you know that our Panata actually comes in two versions? The original version was revised in 2001, which until now is being recited among schools and government offices.


Can you still remember the old version of Panatang Makabayan?  Test your memory with this short quiz!


Panatang Makabayan

Question #1: ____________ ko ang Pilipinas

Question #2: Ito ang ____________

Question #3: Ito ang __________ ng aking lahi

Question #4: Ako’y kanyang ____________

Question #5: Upang maging ______________, _______________, at ________________

Question #6: Bilang ganti, __________________ ng aking mga magulang

Question #7: Susundin ko ang ____________

Question #8: Tutuparin ko ang mga tungkulin ng isang

Question #9: Paglilingkuran ko ang aking bayan nang __________________ at nang buong katapatan

Question #10: Sisikapin kong maging isang tunay na Pilipino sa _________, __________, at ___________



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