Make Bibingka Muffins, Puto Bumbong Balls, atbp.—Holiday Classics with a Twist!

Make Bibingka Muffins, Puto Bumbong Balls, atbp.— Holiday Classics with a Twist!

Christmas in the Philippines marks not just the celebration of Christ’s birth, but also the series of get-togethers among friends and relatives. These reunions often involve catching up over food, and you can bet that holiday classics like the ensaymada, puto bumbong, bibingka, and quezo de bola take center stage!


While nothing beats the traditional way these treats are prepared, why not change things up and add a little twist to them? Here are a few simple but ingenious ways to make your contribution the shining star of your next potluck gathering!


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Ensaymada with Toppings

(Photo courtesy of Mary Grace Cafe)

Soft and decadently buttery, the ensaymada is practically a Christmas staple for many Filipinos. Pair it up with a cup of hot chocolate and your day is made! But did you know that you can still up the ante? All it takes is a swirl of caramel, a handful of cashews, or a sprinkle of chocolate chips on top, and you have a whole new set of ensaymadas! Genius, right? For a start, check out these Ensaymadas with a Twist from Mary Grace Café. They might even inspire you to whip up your own signature twist!


Crunchy Puto Bumbong Balls

(photo courtesy of

This purple kakanin never fails to entice hungry guests, but you can also add your own yummy twist to the classic puto bumbong. Take your cue from Chef Laudico, who serves crispy, deep-fried puto bumbong balls in his restaurant, Guevarra’s. You heard that right, deep fried puto bumbong! Replicate the innovative treat with this recipe.


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Bibingka Muffins

(Photo from Flickr)

Just like puto bumbong, the bibingka is also another delicacy that never fails to show up come Christmas. Alternating between salty and sweet, this treat is made by baking a mixture of freshly milled rice and coconut milk in clay pots. Yummy as the bibingka is, you can still level it up by mixing in bacon, salted eggs, or queso de bola! Whip up a batch using this bibingka muffins recipe.


Toasted Quezo de Bola Pastillas

Raise your hand if you also want to receive Quezo de Bola this Christmas! What a treat it is to have it as an appetizer during Noche Buena, along with some crackers and wine. But did you know that you can also serve it at the tail-end of a meal? That’s right, as a dessert! You can do that by turning it into sweet, toasted Quezo de Bola pastillas. Here’s the recipe, and you’re very much welcome!



Text by Aizel Dolom and Stephanie Jesena-Novero.

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