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These three films will inspire you to pursue your life’s purpose

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Caught in a crossroad? Pondering the meaning of life? Not sure why you were put on this earth and what you were meant to do? Then watch a movie! Not just any movie, but films that will hopefully point you in the direction of your life’s true purpose. 

My Pope recommends three movies that offer insights and lessons no matter whatever stage you happen to be in your search for purpose and meaning. 

When you feel like you’ve lost your purpose…watch Toy Story 4.

In this fourth (and hopefully not last) installment of the beloved animated movie by Disney and Pixar, trusty Sheriff Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks), once the apple of the eye of his original owner Andy, has lost his “top toy” status under current owner Bonnie. Things change when he finds a new calling—as self-appointed rescuer of Bonnie’s crafts project and favorite plaything Forky (Tony Hale). An unexpected reunion with old and new friends also opens Woody up to the exciting world of “lost toys.”  

My Pope Message: Next time you find yourself in a similar spot as Woody, why not welcome change and explore situations that may lead you to your new life’s purpose?  

When you realize that what you’re doing isn’t your purpose…watch The Wife.

All her life, Joan Castleman (Glenn Close) played the dutiful and supportive wife to her husband, critically acclaimed author Joseph Castleman (Jonathan Pryce). When Joseph is awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, she accompanies him to Stockholm for this milestone event. What was supposed to be a happy moment in the couple’s life instead becomes a revelation into their real dynamic. 

My Pope Message: When you’re doing what you think is your life’s purpose—because you want to keep the peace, perhaps, or it felt like the right thing to do at the time—you can only do it for so long. This is because somehow, something inside you will know when enough is enough, as this film and its actress so brilliantly show. 

When other people discourage you from pursuing what you strongly believe is your purpose…watch Eddie the Eagle.

Michael Edwards has no athletic ability to speak of. He also lacks financial support, is unfit, and far-sighted. But that didn’t stop the good-natured British plasterer from fulfilling his dream of becoming an Olympian. As England’s sole representative to the ski jumping competition in the 1988 Winter Olympics, Michael finished dead last in the 70m and 90m events. Still, he made it and never gave up trying—qualities that endeared him to the world. Based on a true story, this biopic’s hero remains pretty much in the spotlight these days, as a commentator and participant in special events and reality shows. 

My Pope Message: This inspiring film will have you laughing, crying, and going for your passion, no matter how crazy or impossible. “I like proving people wrong,” says Eddie (Taron Egerton). So do you! 


Text by Joy Rojas.

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