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At Nono’s, there is something for everybody!

Nono's Restaurant

If there are two things Filipinos treasure the most, it’s probably bonding moments and food—comfort food, to be exact! For this, one restaurant comes to mind, and that is Chef Baba Benedicto’s Nono’s—home of comfort food done right. 


Named after her dad and her bestselling cake, Nono’s Chocolate Oblivion (from Classic Confections, Baba’s first pastry shop), Nono’s is a place full of inspiration and happy memories—its dishes and vibe are inspired by Baba’s childhood meals and the food she enjoyed during travels with her dad. My Pope sits down with the woman behind the restaurant as she tells us what Nono’s has to offer for every occasion, mood, and even age. 


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If a family goes to Nono’s, what dishes and desserts would you recommend they shouldn’t miss?

We have something for everyone at Nono’s. Our servings are quite generous, which makes them good for sharing. For a family, I suggest they start off with Truffle Cheese Wontons or Chicken Lettuce Wrap. Our Oriental Shrimp Salad is always a crowd pleaser. I would follow this up with our Parmesan Crusted Sole with Tomato & Basil Pasta, Grilled Pork Chop with mashed Potatoes (big plate), Nono’s Fried Chicken and Waffles (big plate). For dessert, a slice of Nono’s Chocolate Oblivion and Sylvia’s Strawberry Shortcake. These dishes are our original bestsellers. There is surely something for everyone to enjoy!


We also have a kids’ menu. I would suggest Parmesan Butter Noodles (my niece’s favorite dish) or Mac and Cheese. For dessert, our DIY ice cream sandwich is something the kids will enjoy making and eating!


What about if one goes to Nono’s with officemates or with the whole barkada on a Friday night? What do you think they will enjoy?


We offer wine, beer and some cocktails. I suggest they also start off with our Truffle Cheese Wontons and add our Parmesan French Fries with dip.


For mains, our Nono’s Fried Chicken with Sriracha & Honey, Grarlic Steak and Mushooms, and Nono’s Sisig. For dessert, our Banana Cream Pie.


If a couple is to dine at Nono’s, which dishes and desserts will make for the perfect date? Why?


For a date night, I suggest they start with our Caesar Salad or Nono’s Salad. For mains, I would suggest Truffle Cream Pasta and Slow Roasted Beef Belly. Lastly, I would cap it off with a Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet to share.


If one is looking for some cozy alone time and chooses Nono’s, what should he or she try?


For someone looking for alone time, I suggest a bowl of our Pinoy Beef Steak Tagalog. It’s one of my favorite dishes. 


If they come in for breakfast, I suggest our Tinapa Rice Bowl or Eggs Benedict. For merienda, our Ensaymada is really good and we have an excellent selection of coffee drinks.



Text by Yen Cantiga. Photos from Facebook.

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