Senior Citizens of Taguig can now avail of world-class facilities—for free!

Senior Citizens of Taguig can now avail of world-class facilities—for free!

Elderly citizens of Taguig City now have a place for rest, relaxation, and wellness as the city officially opened a new Center for the Elderly on Monday, April 1.


Located in Taguig’s North Signal Village, the five-story wellness center offers a variety of facilities that senior citizens can enjoy for free provided that they bring their senior citizen ID card with them. On the first floor, seniors may enjoy the therapy pool to help with muscle relaxation, increase of blood circulation, and improvement of balance, strength, and flexibility. There is also a conference room, a clinic with medical personnel to assist and respond to the medical needs of the elderlies, a pantry, and PWD-friendly restrooms in the same level.


Meanwhile, the second floor of the building offers two saunas, a ballroom, which can also be a yoga room, and a gym. The floor also has a spacious lounge area. The third and fourth floors have multipurpose halls for events that may also serve as a venue for board games and other activities, while the fifth floor boasts of a cozy theater with couches, and a relaxing rooftop garden.


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The Cinema inside the center boasts of cozy and relaxing couches.


“We are a probinsyudad, and that means we don’t leave our values behind even as we aim high,” said Taguig City Mayor Lani Cayetano during the Center’s opening. “That means elders have an esteemed place in this city. This building is our way of reflecting that—a place where they can enjoy, pamper themselves, build their circles.”


With the age of the citizens in mind, the building has ramps and elevators to help senior citizens move around the area, especially those coming in on wheelchairs. The city government also provides buses and coasters to transport senior citizens to and from the center, free of charge.


“It’s a small way of thanking the elderly for everything they contributed in their youth, and even now, to the progress of Taguig City,” said Cayetano. “They deserve our respect and gratitude. We are merely giving back to them by giving them a safe space.”


Aside from the wellness center, Taguig City also provides prescription eyeglasses, dentures and dental services to its senior citizens. Maintenance medicines for asthma, hypertension, and diabetes are delivered straight to their homes monthly.



Text by Yen Cantiga. Photos courtesy of Taguig City PIO.

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