Meet the 15yo Mindanaoan genius who made it on the Forbes list

Meet the 15yo Mindanaoan genius who made it on the Forbes list

What were you doing when you were 15 years old? Were you hanging out with friends? Doing your homework? Or did you come up with a revolutionary invention that would help save the planet?


According to studies, plastic bags destroy our oceans and seas, making them very dangerous to the Earth’s marine life. They are also an environmental hazard on land as they take so many years to decompose. With this, environmentalists are calling out the use of plastics in our everyday life in order to slow down, if not stop, the deterioration of our natural resources.


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15-year-old Amin Hataman, a student of Fountain International School in San Juan, Metro Manila just might have the solution to this problem: he invented biodegradable plastic bags made out of nata de coco!


He says that the stunning beaches and clear waters of his hometown in Basilan, Mindanao inspired him to start his plastic bag project. His project has since earned him the prestige of being included in the first Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list, not to mention wins in the numerous local and international competitions he’s joined.


Amin Hataman with his award-winning plastic bag project.


“Growing up in Mindanao, we just kind of get this appreciation for the environment and of nature in general,” said Hataman in an interview. “The abundance of this beautiful natural wonders has taught me that we have important roles to play as caretakers of the earth. We should not take for granted whatever is around us.”


Hataman is the youngest and the only Mindanaoan on the Forbes list.



Text by Yen Cantiga.
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