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Words of Wisdom from Cardinal Chito Tagle

In this interview with our Editor-in-Chief, Tata Mapa, Cardinal Tagle shares his hopes and wishes for My Pope Philippines

My Pope: What do you think of My Pope magazine?

Cardinal Tagle: First, I think this will be a very good instrument for making the pope known to people—especially the humanity of the pope. At the same time, it’s not just this particular pope. Popes come and go, but the service of the pope—whoever he is—as a visible center of unity in our diversity, would be a strong message.

MP: What would you like the magazine to achieve?

CT: Hopefully, through the magazine, each Christian can discover what he or she can do. We cannot pass on all the responsibility to a few people. For example: We cannot let the pope settle world peace, or fix all the problems by himself. Pope Francis does his role based on his key values, such as the joy of the gospel, encountering people, and not being self-referential. We don’t need to become popes or world leaders like Pope Francis. Each one of us has a role to play. We need to ask: What is my role? How do I implement what I see in Pope Francis in my day-to-day life?

“To problems, we can find solutions. To address dilemmas, you tell stories of hope—of meaning.”

MP: What is your message for the My Pope Philippines team?

CT: We need to tell the stories of hope. It’s so easy to tell the stories of disaster. But very, very seldom do we tell the stories of love—the triumph of love in simple people, in daily ordinary life—the simple signs of hope. For me, this is what sustains daily life. We survive because of these stories. We have so many problem solvers, but what we need are more storytellers. Because many of the things we are confronted with, I’ve learned, are not problems. They are dilemmas. To problems, we can find solutions. To address dilemmas, you tell stories of hope—of meaning. People’s problems are not always solved, but how did they survive? Where does the strength come from? These are the stories of hope that we must tell to encourage people.

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