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The secret behind Papemelroti’s success

For several decades, family-run Papemelroti has been providing its customers with crafts that are not only whimsical and unique, but also meaningful. A lot of thought goes into creating each item, and every one of them comes with a beautiful message that nourishes the spirit.


We talked to the Managing Director herself, Patricia “Patsy” Alejandro Paterno, who tells us about the inspiration and driving force behind Papemelroti’s distinctive works of art.


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Please describe Papemeltroti in three words.

It is creative, inspiring, and encouraging. We are a family of artists, and when people visit our store, we would like them to experience the love and favor of God through the work of our hands. We use our God-given gifts to make unique items that they can give as gifts or put in their home and office to encourage and inspire them.


Why did you focus on items with inspiring sayings?

As Christians, we believe our business has a mission and a purpose. We want to serve God through our work and the things we sell. One time, my sister overheard a customer pointing out one figurine to her son. The customer said, “This figurine changed your dad’s life. Before, he was a workaholic. Now he isn’t anymore.” What was on the figurine? “Work for the Lord. The pay isn’t much, but the retirement plan is out of this world.” That’s just one figurine. We’d like to think that most of our products are witness to the love of God for us, His desire that we be one family. Life can be hard, but if we can put a bit of brightness into people’s lives, then we’ve done our job.


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Swipe through the gallery below to see some of their products!


The full version of this article appears on the November 2017 issue of My Pope Philippines. Text by Stephanie L. Jesena.
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