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The Gift of Life: Readers share their miracle stories

Today we feature three readers whose faith in God and in life were strengthened by their miraculous experiences. Read on and be inspired by their stories!


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New year’s Gift

It was 2009 and I was in the hospital, comatose. My sugar level was six times higher than normal—the doctor even said my blood consistency was like that of syrup. He advised my family to be ready because I’d probably die. But I woke up a week later, on New Year’s Eve. I spent the holiday at the Intensive Care Unit, watching fireworks reflect on a high window pane. Now, I see to it that I never miss New Year’s Eve with my family.

—Max Serafica


Still Breathing

I had my fair share of near-death experiences because of asthma, which I’ve had ever since I was a baby. It came to the point that I have to use a compressor, the one used for vulcanizing tires, just to help me breathe properly. With fervent prayers from my family, I am still alive at 26 years old, and that’s kind of a miracle for me.

— Gabriel Cardenas


Meant to Be

Our baby came at a time when my partner and I wanted to end our relationship. We were in shock, but we remained steadfast and began working on the relationship even more for the sake of the baby. Each day became a blessing as we discovered our love for each other again. We became closer as we prepared for our future family. Sadly, I had a miscarriage. But the baby’s brief presence in our lives made us stronger and made us realize how much we love each other. It may not be our time yet to have a baby, but I’m sure that my partner and I are meant to be.




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