Readers share how their faith pulled them through times of distress

Readers share how their faith pulled them through times of distress

Feeling lost in times of distress? These stories from our readers will make you believe in God’s guiding presence!


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Back to Him

I was in a very bad place before. I did everything I could to abuse my body until my dad got cancer. At that time, I wanted to finally do things right so I quit my vices and and got a job. But I relapsed into my old ways and became worse. One day, I passed by my old school, which is a Catholic school. I began questioning myself. All of a sudden, I found myself praying. Everything followed. I was hired as a caretaker of a building, which sort of became my rehab. I am sober now and I realized that God will always be there to remind me that no matter how many times I lose my way, He will be there to guide me back.



God Will Do the Rest

I started attending novena masses for St. Jude when I was in my second year of my dentistry course and was thinking of quitting because of failed subjects. What I did not notice then was that my prayers were getting answered: For instance, I never ran out of patients for my practical exams. I cried after taking the board exam because I wasn’t confident enough with my answers. I went straight to St. Jude Church to pray. On my way out, I saw a couple walking in front of me. One of their bags had a sticker that said: “Do your best and God will do the rest.” I felt weak in the knees and knew then that it was the sign I was waiting for. Sure enough, I passed the board exams and I now own a small clinic.

—Jeze Lipata


The Power of Prayer

A friend’s newborn baby was diagnosed with a hearing problem. After the infant underwent tests in two hospitals with disheartening results, the mother asked me to pray for her baby. I organized a prayer brigade with some
of our closest friends, and when she went to another hospital for another test, we got the good news we were hoping for! Truly, prayer is a wonderful and powerful thing.

—Rey Alejo

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