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A guide to parents who are raising children with special needs

Parenting is no walk in the park. It comes with its own set of demands and responsibilities. But for parents who are raising a child with special needs, the challenges are even greater. Here are three things that can help guide those who are faced with this heroic task.  


Be an Expert!

It can come as a shock to and be very discouraging for parents when they discover that their child has special needs. But instead of feeling defeated, many parents have shared that accepting the situation is key. From here they begin to understand that their child’s needs and behavior will be different—and arming themselves with knowledge fortifies them for the journey ahead. Thus, it is helpful to research on the condition of your child and what equipment and processes you should adapt in order to raise him/her. You can talk to medical providers and therapists, or even to other parents of children with special needs about the treatments and services suited for your child.


Give Unconditional Love

Loving someone for who they are and not for what we expect them to be is one of life’s most difficult tasks. Raising a child with special needs requires you to double the amount of love and acceptance you give to your child. If a child feels accepted at home, the challenge of being different from his/her peers is lessened considerably.


Know that you (and your child) are not alone

Parents of children with special needs tend to feel isolated because they lack the support system to help them deal with the guilt, frustration, and disappointment. Find others that are walking the same path that you are on and you’ll soon learn that what you’re experiencing is mirrored by many others who are raising children with special needs. Through others who share a similar experience, you will discover coping strategies that will help make things a little easier.



Text by Yen Cantinga.
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