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How do Erwan, Piolo, and Jasmine stay well in mind and body?


If there’s one thing Filipino celebrities Erwan Heussaff, Piolo Pascual, and Jasmine Curtis-Smith have in common, it is that they all maintain healthy minds and bodies despite their stacked day-to-day commitments. What are their secrets to staying in tip-top condition? We find out!


Erwan Heussaff: “Have enough dedication and discipline.”

Erwan Heussaff

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If there’s one thing Erwan Heussaff prioritizes for a fit and healthy lifestyle, it’s balance and discipline when it comes to eating and exercising. In his blog, The Fat Kid Inside, Erwan gives tips (and recipes!) for staying fit and sticking to one’s fitness routine despite hectic schedules and other excuses that people often make––like it being too expensive, too complicated, or too intense.


Why do people pay attention to what this YouTube celebrity has to say? It’s because he speaks from his own experience: Erwan used to weigh 240 pounds before he went on a diet and exercised. Aside from his regular workouts, he sticks to a consistent diet of fresh food consisting of fruits, vegetables, and protein. He does, however, have his cheat meals where he eats fried chicken, for example. “everything is about balance,” he says, adding that you can eat anything you want to eat in order to stay fit. You just have to take note of the quantities you fill your body with.


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Piolo Pascual: “Embrace an active lifestyle.”

Piolo Pascual

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Despite his busy schedule as one of the most sought-after celebrities in the country, Piolo doesn’t see his workouts as a nuisance. “I work out every day, first thing I do upon waking up, after I pray, after I shower, I take my pre- workout, I hit the gym. If I’m going straight to work I bring my dumbbells with me,” he said in an interview with ABS-CBN Sports. After work (and many times even before he starts his day!), Piolo can be found on the badminton court or in the swimming pool. He also steps out of his condo to run or bike. He shares that he keeps fit through various activities so as not to feel sluggish and to sweat out all the toxins in his body.


Despite not adhering to any diets and eating whatever he feels like (the actor admits to finishing a whole cake in one sitting!), Piolo is very conscious of what he puts in his body— be it food or supplements. At 42 years old, he is advocating to be more active than ever and has passed this same health and wellness consciousness to his son Iñigo, who has always been physically active like his dad.


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Jasmine Curtis-Smith: “Be vocal about your struggles.”

Jasmine Curtis Smith

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“I have a mental health problem,” Jasmine declared in a 2016 video for the Philippine Psychiatric Association’s appeal for the passage of a mental health law. (President Rodrigo signed the Mental Health Law in 2018.)


After an obvious weight loss in 2017, Jasmine confessed to hitting a major low when she was called “anorexic” and “malnourished” on social media. Jasmine was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and was prescribed medication. “But I didn’t take it well, I didn’t like it, my body didn’t react to it properly,” she explains in a video by The Sandbox Collective. But Jasmine was determined to get better, and so she developed a method of her own. “I just found ways to cope. I found books to read, I found the proper therapists to talk to here,” she shares. In fact, Jasmine recommends the book A Life Less Stressed: The Five Pillars of Health and Wellness by Ron Ehrlich, recognizing the read as instrumental in helping her reclaim her inner peace. She cites the support of her family and boyfriend, Jeff ortega, as an essential factor in her journey. Dogs, in particular her furry loves Papito and Waffle— known as The Bochogs Pugs— are a great comfort to her.


Jasmine admits that there’s still a long way to go to dispel the stigma. “People are becoming afraid to share their journey or be open about it,” she says wistfully. But Jasmine is set on helping others heal, too. A mental health advocate, she is vocal about her struggles, and earnestly requests those with similar experiences to share their story. “I think it’s about time we start being open,” she says.


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Text by Yen Cantiga and Stephanie Jesena-Novero.



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