'How I was given a second chance in life,' Readers share their miracle stories

‘How I was given a second chance in life,’ Readers share their miracle stories

Were you ever at a point in your life where you thought everything was over? Take inspiration from these readers who were blessed with a second chance at life!


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Second Chance

I was on my way home from a night out with friends when our vehicle got into an accident near a cliff. I hit my head on the door and for a while, I really thought we were all dead. It turned out a tree stopped our car from falling off the cliff and I just got a bump on the head. I thank the Lord for giving me a second chance at life because I have two children to take care of.



Healing Powers

Before my mom left for a trip to Europe, she was diagnosed with a tumor in her left ovary. However, it was her lifelong dream to go to the Vatican, so she pushed through with the trip, dragging my father along with her. One of their side trips was to San Giovanni Rotondo to visit the shrine of Padre Pio. When they got there, she said she immediately felt peaceful. They prayed fervently for the intercession of the beloved saint. A few weeks later, they flew home to Manila and my mom went to her first doctor’s appointment. The tumor was benign; she was cancer-free!

—Jolly Reposo


Life’s Blessings

My wife and I entered married life with hardly anything and only God as our constant companion. In spite of our small income, we were able to support our three children. Then I worked for a non- government organization that caters to humanitarian service. I started working as an audit clerk until I was promoted to financial comptroller. We built our own home. Our children finished their studies and now have their own families. I am now retired after years at the Catholic Relief Services-Philippines. And I thank God for all the blessings He bestowed upon my family.

—Norberto Manuel


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