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The Story Behind Palm Sunday

Hey, kids! Tomorrow, April 14, marks the beginning of Holy Week, or the week just before Easter. This day, known as Palm Sunday, brings to mind the day Jesus bravely rode into Jerusalem, knowing the fate that God had in store for him. Read on to know the full story!


Palm Sunday is the official start of Holy Week, which is made up of the seven days that commemorate the final days of Jesus Christ. Did you know that the date of this important event changes every year? One thing for sure is that it falls on the Sunday one week before Easter Sunday.


According to the Gospel, Jesus and his disciples began their journey back to Jerusalem. As they were near the border, Jesus sent two of his disciples to look for a donkey. He said, “When you get to the town, you will see a donkey tied up by a house. Untie it and bring it to me. If anyone asks you about it, just tell them that “the Lord needs it and He will bring it back as soon as He’s done with it’” The two found the donkey and untied it. Some of the people passing nearby saw them and asked why they were untying the donkey. The disciples told them what Jesus had instructed them to. As soon as the two returned, Jesus sat on the donkey and slowly made His way into Jerusalem.


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As they were traveling, some people saw Jesus and came running toward Him. They heard that He might be coming to town and they wanted to see the Messiah who brought a dead man, Lazarus, back to life.


By the gates, a crowd of people was waiting for him. They threw their cloaks on the path of Jesus to make a smooth path for him. Those who did not have cloaks gathered branches from the nearest palm tree to place on His path. A few others waved the palm leaves cheerfully. Soon, more people gathered around, welcoming Jesus. They chanted, “Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!” Everyone was excited and happy to see Jesus; they believed that He would save them from the cruelty they were experiencing under the empire of the Romans.


However, some of the high priests and leaders of the Jewish church back then were not happy with what Jesus had been doing and preaching. They asked Jesus to stop the crowd from crying out and praising him as if He were God. But Jesus answered them: “If they were quiet now, even the rocks would cry out.”


Today, we celebrate Palm Sunday by waving palm fronds after the mass, while waiting for the priest to bless them to commemorate the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. These fronds are woven intricately in many different patterns, and are usually taken home or donated to the church to be burned, blessed, and used for the next Ash Wednesday.  



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