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Hi, Kids! Christmas is in the air! As we start the countdown to the holiday season, make sure to mark your December calendars with these meaningful events!


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December 4: Plan Something Special for Your Loved Ones

Start making a list of what you want to give to your parents, Lolo and Lola, and Ate, and Kuya! Your gifts don’t have to be grandiose to impress your family—and just the thought of you wanting to give them something will already touch their hearts. Try your hand at baking cupcakes, preparing a short dance or song presentation, or making a personalized card.


December 8: Immaculate Concepcion

This refers to when Mama Mary was conceived without original sin. The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is a holy day of obligation, so make sure to hear Mass with Mom and Dad on this day. Remember, without Mama Mary, there would be no Baby Jesus—and no Christmas!


December 15: Set Up the Belen

Start setting up the belen at home with the whole family on the same day Mama Mary and Joseph set out on their journey to Bethlehem! You can use clay or origami papers to make an image of the Holy Family and even go the extra mile by making your own hay from dried grass. For the finishing touch, add Christmas lights to imitate the Star of Bethlehem!


December 23: Help with the Christmas Preparations

This will be a busy day for your family with everyone running a few last-minute errands before Christmas Eve. Why don’t you offer to help with the preparations? Your folks will surely appreciate the gesture!


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December 24: The Angel’s Mass

Held at midnight, the Angel’s Mass honors the hour when Baby Jesus was born. It is named after the angel that announced His birth to the shepherds. If you attend this mass, imagine how excited the angel must have been to share the good news of the birth of Baby Jesus!


December 25: The Shepherd’s Mass

Held as the sun begins to rise, this follows the shepherds as they go in search of Baby Jesus at the crack of dawn. If you were a shepherd, how would you feel as you looked for the Babe in the Manger?


December 25: The King’s Mass

Celebrated after the sun has fully risen, this final Mass honors the visit of the Three Kings to Baby Jesus. Think of this as a grand welcome for the sweet Child filled with love and hope.


December 26: Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a British holiday that first started as a day when servants were allowed to spend time with their families, and when they were given boxes filled with goodies. These days, people see December 26 as a good time to share the food, presents, and goodwill they received with the less fortunate. You might want to do this as well with your family!


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Finding it hard to note down all of these events? Don’t worry! We made a Christmas calendar just for you! Print it out and start planning your schedule with Mommy and Daddy!




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