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Hannah’s Happy-Go-Lucky Afternoon

Hannah was excited to head home after school. She only had one assignment, and it was for her favorite subject, too! She entered the house with a huge smile on her face.


“Hi, Hannah! How was school today? Do you have any homework?” Mama said as Hannah kissed her on the cheek.


“It was fun! We learned about dinosaurs,” Hannah answered animatedly. “Teacher Ava only gave us one homework for today. She asked us to search for a picture of our favorite dinosaur and make a drawing out of it,” she added.  


“That’s good to hear. Now, change out of your uniform and eat your snack. Do your homework right after, okay?”


Hannah nodded and went to the room that she and her older sister, Ate Macy, shared. As she finished changing, Ate Macy walked in.


“Kiddie Tube has a new episode up!” Ate Macy declared.


Ooh, Kiddie Tube! Hannah thought. She absolutely loved the YouTuber! She hurriedly switched her tablet on.


“I’ll just do my assignment later,” Hannah murmured, scrolling through the video streaming site until she got to Kiddie Tube. Ate Macy flashed her a look, but kept quiet.


After laughing themselves silly at Kiddie Tube’s ending-credit bloopers, Hannah said, “Ate, let’s play outside!”


Ate Macy frowned. “But don’t you have homework?”


“I only have one! I can do it later. Come on, Ate!” Hannah smiled widely, trying to convince her sister.


Ate Macy shook her head. “My break time’s done. I still have my report to finish. Grade 6 is so much harder than Grade 2, you know!” At that, Ate Macy went to her study corner and began taking out textbooks from her backpack.


Shrugging, Hannah ran out to the garden and played until it was time for dinner.


As she swallowed the last bite of fish from her plate, Hannah suddenly remembered her homework. She exclaimed, “Oh no! I need to get started now!” To her family’s bewilderment, Hannah jumped up and ran to her room. She dumped her colored pencils onto her desk and started drawing. She sketched and erased, and erased and sketched some more, wanting her homework to be perfect—just as it usually was. She was halfway done with coloring when she suddenly felt sleepy. “I can’t finish this anymore,” Hannah said, her eyelids heavy. “I’m going to take a quick nap and get right back to this when I wake up.”






Eyes still closed, Hannah rolled on her side to turn off her alarm clock. Wait, the alarm? The morning alarm?! Hannah’s eyes flew open, taking in the bright rays of sunlight and her unfinished assignment on her desk. Oh no!


Leaping out of the bed, she grabbed a pencil and started coloring quickly and haphazardly on the paper. I’ll never finish this on time, Hannah thought desperately.


In school, Hannah stared at her work and knew that it was not one of her best drawings. If I did this right away, I would have had enough time to make it better, she thought, with a lump in her throat.


When Teacher Ava asked Hannah for her homework, Hannah began to cry. “I’m sorry, Teacher Ava. I know that my submission isn’t good. I should have done it earlier instead of watching YouTube and playing all afternoon,” she said through sobs.


Teacher Ava smiled and comforted Hannah. “Don’t cry, Hannah. I’m happy that you admitted your mistake. Next time, do what’s more important first so that you have enough time to do a good job,” Teacher Ava said while patting Hannah on her back. “For now, I am sorry but I have to give you a low grade. It’s only fair to those who focused on their assignments and submitted excellent work.”


“That’s okay, Teacher. I understand,” Hannah said with a smile, “I promise to do better next time.”


“That’s good to hear, Hannah. Now, go back to your seat. We’ll be learning about butterflies today!” Teacher Ava said.


Hannah walked to her seat with a smile on her face, determined to do well on her next assignment.



Text by Yen Cantiga and Aizel Dolom.
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