5 Tips to Having the Best First Day of School EVER!

5 Tips to Having the Best First Day of School EVER!


Hi kids! Did you know that the word “school” actually comes from the ancient Greek word, scholē, which means “rest” or “leisure?” This is because discussions among the rich people then were usually done while they were relaxing. Later on though, the word became more associated with the different places where philosophers spoke, leading to the modern times where school is referred to as a place where children are taught.

As June is traditionally the month when schools start in the Philippines, My Pope Philippines listed these five fun tips to help you prepare for your first day of school with a positive attitude!


1. Immortalize your Summer

Summer scrapbook - My Pope Philippines

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Before summer ends, celebrate the wonderful times you had by putting together a scrapbook with your family. Fill it with pictures, movie tickets, drawings, and maybe even a sprinkle of sand from your beach trip. Ask everyone to contribute their favorite memory or funny captions!


2. Pick out your Supplies

School Supplies - My Pope Philippines

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Ask your folks to help you buy the pens, markers, scissors, and glue that you need for school. Choose between that funky keychain or set of scented markers. Don’t forget to stick to your budget!


3. Get Creative!

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Colorful notes inspire great minds! Have an assortment of pens and markers to spruce up those boring notes. Add a little word bubble or even some hearts on your science book. Doing this may even help you remember your notes better for those sneaky pop quizzes your teacher loves to give! 


4. Get into the Groove

checklist - My Pope Philippines

There’s nothing worse than scrambling on your first day back in school because you realized your old pair of shoes are now too small, or forgot your brand-new pencil case at home. Prepare a few days before the start of classes to make sure everything you need is in tiptop shape! 


5. Smile!

Kids Smiling - My Pope Philippines

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There are loads of things to be happy about school! Your friends are all finally back together. You have an upcoming field trip to the brand new National Museum of Natural History. And you now have a roomful of friends you can sing the songs of the Greatest Showman with over and over again!


This full article appears in the June 2018 issue of My Pope Kids magazine. Text by Ciara L. Mapa.
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