Doing Their Part: Millennials tell us how volunteer work changed their lives

Doing Their Part: Millennials tell us how volunteer work changed their lives

“Love and charity are service, helping others, serving others… When you forget yourself and think of others, this is love!” – Pope Francis

In the Philippines, a lot of service organizations that cater to different sectors of the society exist. This fact is also the reason why we easily got to find and ask two young volunteers about their advocacy and vocation. Lorenz Marasigan, 25 years old, is an advocate for cleaner and safer oceans while Regina Angeline Angeles, 24 years old, is a volunteer who advocates for more accessible education for all.


Lorenz Marasigan, 25

Lorenz Marasigan, 25, is a volunteer scuba diver at Shore It Up!


What does Shore It Up do?

Shore It Up aims to rescue, restore, and revive the marine ecosystem here in the Philippines.


What made you decide to be a volunteer?

I saw how we humans have been abusing our marine treasures—throwing garbage everywhere, exercising unsustainable fishing and tourism practices, cutting down mangroves, and hunting down endangered marine species. When I saw firsthand how these things have affected our oceans, I decided to volunteer as a scuba diver for Shore It Up!


What was your most memorable Shore It Up experience?

It was when I helped in heading a cleanup drive in Anilao, Batangas just this year. I remember the pressure of delivering great results while ensuring that everyone was safe. We partnered with the dive resorts owners of Anilao, a free diving community, and the Philippine Coast Guard for the said event. It was rewarding to see the smile of the volunteers after we finished segregating and properly disposing the trash we took out of the ocean.


Regina Angeline Angeles, 24

Regina Angeline Angeles, 24, has been doing volunteer work with various organizations ever since she was in college.


Why do you do volunteer work?

I do volunteer work because I like the idea of leaving a mark and making an impact to the society, even in little ways possible. With volunteer work, I get to pass my knowledge and skills to other people and at the same time, harness my learnings to become a better person.


What is your most memorable experience in volunteer work so far?

During my college days, one of my organizations conducted an UPCAT review for students in Rizal. I am one of the main speakers during the event wherein I gave tips for high school students who wanted to go to UP. That event also falls on my birthday so I treat it as a birthday gift to myself.


What keeps you going when things get tough?

Tough experiences acquired through volunteerism made me stronger. When I see people who appreciate my deeds and express their warm gratitude, I feel motivated to get things further. The sense of fulfilment during and after a successful event gives me joy.


 Text by Yen Cantiga and Aizel Dolom.
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