We Asked a Female Architect and a Police Officer: What Made You Choose Your Career?

We Asked a Female Architect and a Police Officer: What Made You Choose Your Career?

These two ladies are living examples that success and dedication to work go way beyond one’s gender!

Raechelle Ann Sy, Architect


  1. What made you choose your career? 

Architecture was actually my mom’s passion. She said she would draw the buildings that caught her eye when she passed by them. I guess it was through her influence that I took up Architecture and became fascinated by it.

  1. How do you find fulfillment in your work? 

In our profession, fulfillment is when you start your working drawings, meaning you are sure that your design will reach completion. Even if the design process is tedious because of details and what-not, you becom excited to see the actuality of your design.

  1. What keeps you going when things get tough? 

When I feel stressed, I stop. There’s no point continuing if your body and mind is tired. You have to rest to clear your thoughts. There are times when you can’t even think of a design. Instead of stressing about it, just wait it out. Sometimes the ideas come when you least expect it—maybe when you’re getting ready for bed! When the idea comes in, you have to work on it immediately or else it will be gone forever.

If it’s in the office, you will rarely feel the stress if you will learn to enjoy the exchange of creative ideas with your teammates. If you’re working solo, just do your thing and focus on completing the task at hand. For both of these scenarios, once the project is done, you’ll see that the result is so worth the effort.


Bebilyn Domingo, Police Officer

  1. What made you choose your career?

I honestly did not dream of becoming a police officer. However, I felt challenged when my husband was the first who entered police service. I got curious about the nature of their work, specifically how they identify, locate, and arrest criminals. It seemed like an exciting and difficult job!

  1. How do you find fulfilment in your work?

Being fulfilled in this job is when I’m able to inspire others to work hard in helping the victims attain justice. To see the complainants smile, say the magic words “thank you,” and give us compliments such as “you’re so nice, you’ve really proved that not all police officers are bad,” are rewarding. The aim of the PNP — which is to gain the trust and confidence of the people– is achieved thru these simple efforts. I believe this is the mission that God wanted me to do, that’s why I am inspired to continue educating people and reaching out to them.

  1. What keeps you going when things get tough at work?

Being in the police service entails a lot of sacrifices and hardwork. Sometimes, you become restless and you feel the need to pamper your body. However, you have to know that you need to prioritize your work, beat deadlines, and follow directives left and right. There will be times when we won’t know where to start because of workloads, but we are trained to perform our duties with stability even when under pressure and we just have to do it with pride and honor. We always remind ourselves that not all is blessed to become a police officer. As they say, “many are called, but few are chosen.” This is my bread and butter, this is my vocation, and I am happy to serve people with a heart.


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Text by Yen Cantiga and Aizel Dolom.
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