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Jodi Sta. Maria’s Travel Tips for the Holy Land

In 2016, Jodi Sta. Maria packed her bags and went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. She visited the Jordan River, walked along the Via Dolorosa, and learned about the rich history of Israel and why it was the chosen land. Aside from her realizations and a brand new zeal for life, Jodi came home with some valuable insights for fellow pilgrims.


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Consider the Weather

“Go there during spring so the weather is just right (summer is too hot; winter is unbearably cold)—especially if you have plans of swimming in the Dead Sea. You’ll also get to enjoy everything because all of the attractions are open.”



Observe Customs

“Sabbath or Shabbat starts at sundown on Friday and ends at sundown on Saturday. The people do not work—not even to operate machinery. In buildings, only one elevator runs and stops at every floor. You are not even supposed to press the buttons.”



See the Sights

“Go sailing in the Sea of Galilee and try the St. Peter’s fish a.k.a. tilapia. Other must-sees are Bethlehem, Jerusalem, the Valley of Dan, and the City of David National Park.”





Text by Yen Cantiga. Photo courtesy of Jodi Sta. Maria.
Jodi shares more of her Holy Land trip in the March 2019 issue of My Pope Philippines.
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