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The flower arranger who found love where she least expected it

For a flower to bloom, it requires an optimal setup. But on rare occasions, flowers still grow beautifully even when they’re not in their natural environment. And just like flowers, people, too, can find growth where they least expect it. Take it from Liezel Nicor who has learned to love the craft of creating bouquets even when she didn’t really aspire to become a florist.


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Have you always wanted to become a flower arranger?

I used to want to become a teacher, but I didn’t study education. Instead, I finished a degree in garment designing. After graduation, I landed a job in a flower shop. And when the business closed, I got referred to Holland Tulips. Now I can say that flowers are my life. When I am here, I do not feel like I am working. I really enjoy what I do and I also see that my boss trusts me. Simula pagkadalaga hanggang magka-asawa at anak, bulaklak na talaga ang naging buhay ko.


How does it make you feel when people use your products to express their love and appreciation for others?

I feel proud. Yearly, I make flower arrangements for the Miss Earth (Philippines) pageant—and when I see the bouquets and how the candidates appreciate them, I feel a sense of pride, “Ako ang gumawa n’un!” In my almost 20 years of working for Holland Tulips, I’ve been receiving a lot of appreciation from clients, which puts a smile on my face.


How does working for Holland Tulips help you grow as a person?

It boosts my confidence. Dati kasi, mahiyain ako. Ngayon, lumakas na yung loob ko. Working here helps me feel more confident about myself and my skills. I now feel proud of the work I do and how it puts smiles on people’s faces.


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Text by Katie Rojas.

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