Hero Angeles shares his other passion: miniature food sculpting

Hero Angeles shares his other passion: miniature food sculpting

When Hero Angeles is not busy acting, you’ll find him indulging in the amazing art of creating miniature food sculptures. At first glance, these small portions (literally!) look unbelievably real. However, it’s after you see these tiny sculptures perched on the tip of a finger that you realize they are no bigger than a one-peso coin.


Hero tells us all about his inspiration behind this craft, and why he wants to share it through his brand, Artcetero.


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How did you start working on mini food sculptures?

I’m a fan of tiny creations. I love looking at miniature artworks from different artists. I started making miniature food sculptures in 2017 after finishing my MagnifEyed micro watercolor painting series. I enjoy this craft. It’s a good outlet and stress reliever.


What inspires you to create these tiny artworks?

I love to cook, and miniature food sculpting is almost similar to cooking or baking real food. I find Filipino food really interesting, especially if you study its origin. I want to showcase our food culture through my tiny art and to give more value and meaning to small things.


How is the craft shared through your workshops?

I hold miniature food workshops and I welcome everyone who’s willing to learn the craft. By creating such artworks, it allows me to connect with my students. I want to give inspiration by sharing the knowledge and experiences that I learn from making miniatures. My workshops are a great opportunity for exchange because I also learn a lot from my students.


Swipe through the gallery below to see some of Hero’s works!



Photos from Artcetero Facebook page.


The full version of this article appears in the July 2018 issue of My Pope Philippines. Text by Monica B. Savellano.
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