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This doctor just achieved her dream of becoming a lawyer!

C.S. Lewis once said “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream,” so 33-year-old physician Jean Joan Polido decided to pursue her childhood aspiration of becoming a lawyer even if it took her nearly two decades! A wife, mother, professor, and university physician, JJ, as she goes by, passed the 2018 bar exams with flying colors. Let this super achiever tell you how it’s done! 

How did you feel when you saw your name on the list of passers? 

I was surprised and happy. I was so overwhelmed that I cried. 

You’re already accomplished as a medical doctor, what made you decide to pursue law? How will you merge the two? 

I don’t have a specialty in medicine. And I knew ever since that something in me still wanted to become a lawyer. As for my career, I know that in pursuing law, I can be a medicolegal, which is a path less traveled. I decided to give it a try. 

What are the biggest obstacles you had to face and how did dealing with them shape you? 

The main challenge for me is how to be present for everyone who needs me—the clinic, my students, my family, and my parents. Juggling all of these roles taught me how planning and time management can save your life. I had to make a lot of adjustments. 

What are you most grateful for? 

I am most grateful for this opportunity that God has given me. I believe we are in this world for a purpose. I have yet to find mine, but I believe that fulfilling my dream of taking up law, passing the bar, and being a medicolegal is one of them. That is why I will make the most of it. Maybe through this, I can see the change that I want to see in this country. 

How do you turn your dreams into reality? 

I learned to say no. Because I am always busy and my entire schedule per day is hectic. I discovered that I have to prioritize who and what I give my time and energy to. 


Text by Yen Cantiga.

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