Actress Gloria Romero on Motherhood: “We also have to listen to our children.”

Actress Gloria Romero on Motherhood: “We also have to listen to our children.”

Gloria Romero is a living legacy in the Philippine film and television industry. Her Best Actress win in the 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) and all the other awards and recognitions she’s received throughout her decades-long career speak a lot about her accomplishments as an actress. But more than being successful in her craft, Romero says that her life’s real pride and honor is her family.


My Pope had the opportunity to ask Romero about her experience as a mother to her daughter Maritess and a grandmother to her grandson Christopher. Short but sweet, our interview with Romero gave us some valuable insights about motherhood. Read on and prepare to be inspired yourselves!


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What advice can you share about motherhood?

Kanya-kanya ‘yang diskarte. Everybody has their own way of dealing with children. For me, I believe that we cannot control our children. We need to listen to them. I’m 84 years old, and in my time, we were not allowed to question or answer back to our elders. We could not reason out. Nagyon, iba na. Of course, children still have to have respect for their parents. But we, as parents, also have to respect them. If they want to say things, we have to listen. Hindi pwede na binabara natin sila because yes, they can learn from us—but we can also learn from them.


How do you stay close to your daughter and apo?

The way I brought up my daughter (with Juancho Gutierrez) and my grandson is that I’m not only a mom or lola, but also their friend. Because if they feel they can talk to you, they come to you and tell you their problems even if you don’t ask them. They are the ones who volunteer or ask my advice, which I think is right. But please correct me if I’m wrong—this might not work for everyone!


What has being a mother and grandmother taught you?

May kanya-kanyang mga problems. Mabuti pa na nagsigawan kayo kaysa silence. Ang silence, masakit, ‘di ba? They don’t know how you feel, you don’t know how they feel. What is important is that you communicate and be honest with each other. I don’t care if you get mad at me—I have to tell you the truth. At my age now, I became more understanding. I have a tendency to spoil people around me but sometimes kailangan may limitation. I am so happy that my daughter takes care of me, my apo always says “I love you” and takes care of me. I wish I had more kids and grandchildren, but God knows I am happy with the ones that I have.


Gloria with her daughter Maritess and grandson Christopher.



Text by Mia Fausto-Cruz and Tata Mapa.
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