The journey of a miracle 26-weeker from the Philippines

The journey of a miracle 26-weeker from the Philippines

Born at only six months, little Levi had a very slim chance of survival. He suffered from multiple complications. His tummy was bloated due to a perforation in his underdeveloped intestines, and he only weighed 925 grams.


But thanks his parents’ determination and his family and friends’ support, Levi is now inspiring people online with his amazing will to live. From an emaciated baby, Levi now has cheeks to show off, spreading good vibes to his page’s followers on Facebook.


Miracle Baby

What made Levi’s birth miraculous is the fact that his mother, Landa Bautista-Abundo, has a bicornuate or a “heart-shaped” uterus. Such condition makes it difficult for the uterus to expand during pregnancy, resulting to higher chances of miscarriage and unsuccessful pregnancy.


After Levi was born, he was made to stay for five months in the hospital. He underwent ileostomy and had a part of his intestines exposed for a time as doctors continuously observed his development.


However, aside from Levi’s condition, Landa also had to endure several procedures herself. For several days after she gave birth to Levi, Landa suffered from bleeding. “I suffered blood loss – major blood loss. So after nun C-section ko, while I was in recovery in the recovery room, I was losing blood. They had to transfuse me with blood. I was rushed back to the delivery room for a post-partum D & C [Dilation and Curettage],” Landa told ABS CBN News.


Baby Levi with parents, Luis and Landa. (Photo from @levilittlelionheart Instagram account)


Good Hearts

The medical attention that Levi and Landa procured for months amounted to P3.5 million in hospital and professional fees. Good thing for the Abundo couple, they came prepared from the moment Levi was born prematurely. “..talagang from the onset, we launched a lot of fund raising activities kasi nga we knew the extent of what we needed,” Landa said.


In February this year, Landa put up a Facebook page where she asked for help from friends and other individuals. It is also where she posts updates about Levi and his condition to inspire others who may have the same experience. The effort allowed the Abundo couple to raise funds amounting to P1.7 million, which they used to pay half of their hospital bills and bring Levi home. “Ngayon, we’re happy kasi at least nakauwi si Levi, napayagan ng hospital pero ang laki pa rin ng balance namin,” says Landa.


According to Landa, they did not expect the outpouring of support and donations. They are also thankful for the financial support given to them by various government agencies, as well as discounts given by the hospital.


(Photo from Levi Little Lionheart Facebook page. Date Posted: June 26, 2018)


The Abundo family still has a long way to go, and they still need all the help they can get. Interested individuals can check out Levi’s Facebook page and Instagram account for more details. Donations could also be made through Levi’s GoFundme account.


This article is based on a feature by ABS CBN News. Words by Rose Carmelle Lacuata. Edited for My Pope Philippines by Aizel Dolom


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