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Kilo of Plastic for Kilo of Rice

Barangay Tartaria in Silang, Cavite has come up with a unique way to heal the environment—by turning plastic waste into bags of rice! Not magically, of course. But the procedure is still pretty simple. The barangay encourages every resident to collect pieces of plastic waste, stuff them in huge plastic bottles, and surrender them at the barangay hall. In return, residents receive a free kilo of rice in exchange for every kilo of plastic they bring in. Genius, right?


Because of this initiative, officials from the barangay are now getting attention from the local public and other government units. Their Facebook post that showed residents turning in kilos-worth of plastic immediately went viral. The post has now been shared 36,000 times, with some netizens even tagging their own barangays, encouraging them to do the same.



Karlo Manalo Alvarez, Barangay Secretary, said in an interview that through this initiative, they hope to reduce clutter in their area and in turn improve their waterways. “Ang purpose po nito ay para hindi nagkalat ang basura lalo na po ang plastic. Alam naman po natin na ito ay bumabara sa daanan ng tubig,” he said.


Alvarez also says that the collected plastic will be used in another project as “ecobricks,” where plastic bottles filled with shredded plastic are used as building materials.



Text by Aizel Dolom.

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