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LOOK: Women farmers in Ifugao are earning extra with these cute knitted items


In the quiet and mountainous village of Uhaj in Ifugao, women farmers are busy knitting cute and quirky accessories in between planting and harvest season. They are part of Knitting Expedition, a social enterprise that makes toys, accessories, warmers, and home decors, which help in the daily income of the women and their families. At the same time, Knitting Expedition helps them preserve the cultural tradition of rice terrace farming for future generations.




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My Pope talks to three women knitters—Noemi, Vivien, and Marjet—on how knitting has helped them.

How has knitting helped you?

Knitting helps in our daily expenses—from the children’s allowance to our meals every day. If we have no work in the farms, we knit. –Noemi Ballatong, 36

What do you like knitting the most?

I really like knitting the turtle. It’s quite challenging because it takes so many days to knit. But I like it because not only do I get to apply different kinds of stitches but the finished product is really nice, too. –Vivien Bongallon, 41

How has knitting changed your life?

I was able to help my parents with the expenses because I supported myself through college with my earnings. I also get my allowance from there, even now that I’m looking for work. –Marjet Mundiguing, 23

Support our women farmers in Ifugao this Christmas! Check out Knitting Expedition’s wooly wonders here and share their stories with your friends and family.


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Text by Yen Cantiga.


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