There’s a new milk tea shop in town—and it’s changing the world, one cup at a time! | My Pope Philippines

There’s a new milk tea shop in town—and it’s changing the world, one cup at a time!

Gotcha Fresh Tea Philippines

In recent years, the Philippines has seen a rise in milk tea popularity. Wherever you look, milk tea shops are packed with customers in line for that sweet refreshment. In fact, according to a 2018 survey, the Philippines is second in milk tea consumption in all of Southeast Asia. It’s no surprise because Metro Manila has an abundant number of milk tea shops, giving Filipinos lots of choices to satisfy their newfound love for this concoction.


But did you know that because of its popularity, the milk tea industry has also become one of the biggest contributors to health and plastic waste problems? Yikes!


Good thing this new milk tea shop from Australia has got our back!


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Gotcha Fresh Tea is not only farming its own tea from the Alishan Mountain in Taiwan (taking pride in their slogan “We farm our own tea”), they’re also serving each drink on Gotcha-branded reusable cups!


For only P120 to P150, Gotcha Fresh serves fresh and organic drinks while saving mother earth—one milk tea at a time.


So what are you waiting for? Troop down to V-Mall Greenhills, San Juan and choose from a wide selection of organic milk tea—handcrafted teas, collagen teas, milk teas, macchiato, fruit teas, and healthy milk teas.


What a refreshing way to save planet Earth! (For more details, follow on Instagram and Facebook).


Text by Mark Baccay.

Photos courtesy of Gotcha Fresh Tea Philippines.

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