'Vote with discernment,' Cardinal Tagle encourages Filipino voters

‘Vote with discernment,’ Cardinal Tagle encourages Filipino voters

Cardinal Tagle

With the elections taking place on Monday, May 13, the country will be choosing its next set of legislative leaders. As Filipinos, it is our right and duty to participate and vote responsibly for candidates who will ensure the betterment of the country.

In a pastoral letter dated May 7, Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle urged priests to inform the faithful of the People’s Choice Movement (PCM)’s choices for senators and share the group’s process of discernment in choosing their candidates. PCM is a group of individual leaders coming from different faith-based organizations—including Catholic, evangelical, and protestant groups—in the country.

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Making an example of the People’s Choice Movement (PCM), a group made up of lay Christians, for its process of discernment in choosing their candidates, the cardinal wrote in the circular, “I urge you to share this initiative of the lay faithful with the lay groups, youth organizations, circles of discernment in your parish as a guide to their own discernment.” He also added that priests should pray for a peaceful conduct of the May 13 polls.

“Depending on the context of your parish, please organize prayer moments like a Holy Hour, rosaries, a triduum and the like. Let us also remind our communities that after the elections, we should continue our mission of participating in the renewal of society based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” he said.

Identifying your senatorial bets

Haven’t completed your senatorial list yet? Let this online quiz can help!

If you haven’t completed your set of 12 senatorial candidates for Monday yet, this online quiz has been circulating on social media in the past weeks to help you identify which among the 62 senatorial hopefuls share similar stances with you on societal and political issues.

The quiz begins by listing down the country’s key issues. You are then asked to decide on each of these issues by responding: against, in favor, and have no stand. After answering all the items, you will receive a ranked list of “suggested” senatorial candidates for your consideration. Your list is based on the candidates who share your stand on the key issues presented in the quiz. You can also view each candidates’ profile to see which issues you are both agreed on.

Remember that this quiz is just another tool that will help you filter your options. An educated and informed choice is still needed when you cast your votes on Monday. As Pope Francis said, “study the proposals well, pray, and choose in conscience.”

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Text by Yen Cantiga.

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