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4 Self-Reflection Questions to Help You Shake Off Those Negative Vibes

Self Reflection

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year,” and he was right. Because having an awesome day is really up to Y-O-U. So if you’re feeling apprehensive because you’re about to have “one of those days,” shake off those nega feelings and instead, ask yourself these questions. You’ll be surprised at how they can in turn around any bad day!


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What am I grateful for?


Whether you write it in a journal or simply take a moment to silently acknowledge what you’re grateful for, gratitude can transform your day from “just okay” to “great.” Studies show that being grateful reduces toxic emotions and makes you happier. In a study conducted by the University of kentucky, participants who ranked higher on gratitude scales were less likely to retaliate even when given negative feedback. Those who are grateful are shown to be more sensitive and emphatic toward people.


What’s on my agenda?


Asking yourself what you need to accomplish will help you put things in perspective. From here you can carefully plan and allocate ample time for all your to-dos— as well as all the important people in your life. It will also help you prepare for what’s going to happen, making for a smoother and stress-free day.


What act of kindness can I do today?


When you envision your awesome day, don’t stop at thinking of just yourself; consider the people you will have to interact with along the way. remember: one random act of kindness, no matter how small, can make a big difference in the life of another person. Whether you hold the door open for someone, send a text or an email just to say hello, or treat a coworker to lunch— these acts won’t only make the world a better place. they will also make you feel good for helping someone else have an awesome day, too


Am I ready for the day?


Just start with these three questions: Am I well-rested? Am I hydrated? Am I properly dressed? A study by Experimental Brain Research shows that the brain functions better when one completes a full night’s sleep, so make sure to get enough shut-eye. The same goes for when you’re properly hydrated. Your body processes start to slow down without enough water to sustain them, so drinking a tall glass of water to feel more awake as soon as you get out of bed is a good habit to start and stick with. Lastly, being ready for the day includes knowing what to wear. A pair of jeans works well if you’re running errands, but is likely too casual for an important presentation. make sure you’re appropriately dressed and comfortable in what you’re wearing as feeling both prepared and at ease will boost your confidence.



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Text by Yen Cantiga.

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