Rekindling Old Ties: How You Can Reach Out To a Friend

Rekindling Old Ties: How You Can Reach Out To a Friend

Are you thinking of reconnecting with your old friends but don’t know how? My Pope has listed three fun activities you could try to reach out to those friends whom you haven’t seen in a while.


Surprise them with handwritten letters and postcards

(Photo by Aaron Burden)

Nothing says “heartfelt” like a note saying you remembered them. If you are feeling a little bit more artsy, you could also try to make a collage or scrapbook with your friends’ pictures in it.


Unearth old pictures and share them online.


Put the “On This Day” app on Facebook to good use and relive the good times with your friends. You could create a group chat or an album to post photos featuring impromptu gimmiks and unforgettable parties you all attended in the past.


Arrange a casual get-together or a throwback-themed bash

(Photo by Matthieu Joannon)

Have coffee or drinks with your friends. If an old meeting place still exists, schedule it there! For a larger group, throw a house party featuring the era you grew up in and tell everyone to dress accordingly.



This article is from the June 2018 issue of My Pope Philippines magazine. Edited for web by Aizel Dolom.
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