These readers will inspire you to keep going amidst life's challenges | My Pope Philippines

These readers will inspire you to keep going amidst life’s challenges

Are you going through a rough patch in your life right now? These stories from our readers will inspire you to keep going and put your trust in Him!


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Long and Winding Road

Literally right after my Tatay passed away, my marriage ended because my husband was cheating on me. With one tragedy after another, I questioned God. A couple of years later, I fell in love with a chef who so reminded me of Tatay. At that point, I was still asking God why He allowed me to marry only to have my ex-husband cheat on me. It was then that I realized it was His way of allowing me to fulfill my father’s wish: to walk me down the aisle in his lifetime. Now I thank the Lord every day for everything He has made me go through. For it miraculously led me to where I am now, right by the side of the man I love, and another love destined to become my greatest—my daughter.

—Nenisa G.


Good God

It was a Sunday and I was feeling down, worried, anxious, and stressed about opening a restaurant. For some weird  reason, that same day, I talked with the people involved (without showing them how I was really feeling) and they gave me positive feedback. My mood changed and I was suddenly charged and excited about the whole thing. Thinking about it, I was teary-eyed knowing that it was God who did all that for me even though I didn’t go to church that day. He reminded me that He literally won’t leave me nor forsake me. Our God is a good God.

—Jayson Sio


Always with Me

I went through a depressive state and I even considered taking my own life just so the pain would stop. I kept on praying, but the pain was so overwhelming. I didn’t know where to start to get over the situation. Then a stranger came to me. He told me his story and I was surprised that we were almost in the same situation. At that moment, I felt God saying “I’m still here. Who said you are alone in this?” I found a friend that day; we cried together, we healed together. He encouraged me to serve God again. I realized that even if I felt heavy, God would find a way to make me feel that I was not alone in my ordeal. Through that person, He made me realize that He is always with me.

–Kat Ursua


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