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“My Guardian Angel Story”

Have you been lucky enough to meet your guardian angel? According to Pope Francis, guardian angels are our life’s traveling companions. They are always around us—watching over us and guiding us in our journey. “So many people don’t know how to walk or are afraid of taking a risk and they remain still… The angel helps us, he pushes us to walk,” he once said.


Here are three heartwarming and amazing stories from our readers. One of them will even remind you that anyone can unintentionally step in an act as a guardian angel—even you! Read on and be inspired!


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Safe Voyage

I worked as a seafarer and sometimes we had no choice but to cross pirate-infested seas. Once, the armed guards on our vessel spotted a pirate ship. As a precaution, the guards made the crew enter the citadel, a safe room for emergencies. When we were inside, they asked if the officers would allow them to fire a warning shot. A distinct voice (which we thought was the captain’s) firmly said, “No. If you shoot, they’ll see us.” After what seemed like a very long 15 minutes, the chief informed us that we were safely out of range. Just then, the captain entered the citadel. Up until this day, the crew and the guards don’t know whose voice it was that refused the warning shot and saved us all.

—Rolando De Leon


Baby’s Angels

My baby brother was born prematurely at six months. Most of us didn’t think he would survive because he had tubes all over his fragile little body. But my mom wouldn’t let us give up, so we prayed for my brother every day. One night, my mom woke up crying, demanding to see my baby brother because she dreamed of angels surrounding him. When she got to the neonatal intensive care unit, his condition so improved that he was discharged the next day.

—Lia Te


Personal Lifeline

I was a youth volunteer in our barangay when this happened. I was heading home from a dance practice one day when one of our members texted me, “Kuya, kumusta?” I only had two pesos in my load balance, so I was hesitant to reply. But something urged me to, so I typed, “Ayos lang bro’, ikaw?” Suddenly, he was calling me. It turned out that he was thinking of ending his life that very moment, but because I replied, he now had someone to talk to about his problems. We are still friends today, and I am going to be a ninong to his second baby in a few months.

—Reggie Dimalanta



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