Q&A Halloween Special: 'My family won't allow me to visit Lolo's grave'

Q&A Halloween Special: ‘My family won’t allow me to visit Lolo’s grave’

For this week’s “Good Advice”, we’re featuring a letter from one of our readers who finds herself torn between her living family and her deceased Lolo. See her story below:


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Question from Lolo’s Girl, 21:

Dear My Pope, My family still harbors resentments towards by deceased lolo. The hatred is so deep that they won’t let me visit his grave this November. What can I do?


Advice from My Pope:

Pope Francis once said that in order for us to experience God’s forgiveness, we need let go of resentments and forgive those who have wronged us. In your case, you just need to be patient with your family and remind them of this advice from Pope Francis. You can even go the extra mile and relive those moments when your lolo was still the hero of the family! But if your folks still forbid you from visiting your lolo’s grave, pray for him instead. According to Pope Francis, the best spiritual help we can give the souls of the dead—particularly the abandoned ones—is to pray for them and offer the celebration of the Eucharist for them. “The foundation of prayers of remembrance is found in the communion of the Mystical Body,” Pope Francis said in an Angelus in 2014. Go to communion and pray for your lolo—and know that these gestures still matter—even if you aren’t standing right before his grave.


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