How To Make The Most Out of Your School Year

How To Make The Most Out of Your School Year

Break out of the norm and make the most out of your school year—whether it’s your first or your last as a student. My Pope shares five tips to help you get ahead of the game.


Find the link between classroom and real life

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Let’s take Math for instance. You may whine and groan about all the formulas you’re required to learn by heart, but not only do you use it every day in computing your jeepney fare, it also comes handy when you’re splitting the tab with friends at a restaurant (adding the service charge can be tricky!). When you realize the connection between the classroom and real life, learning comes alive with meaning. Make those connections on your own and see how all those class lessons can turn into life—and relevant—lessons!


Meet new people

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Your folks may have advised you to do the exact opposite, but really, talking to that girl in Biology class won’t hurt. It’s a new school year, and gaining new and more friends should be your mantra, because getting a glimpse of how others live and think will help you see how people can be both different and alike at the same time. Even Pope Francis encourages us to make friends: “Authentic Christians are not afraid of opening up to others, of sharing their living spaces and transforming them into places of solidarity.”



Join clubs

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Sign up for the theater org, volunteer with an environmental group, join the debate team—indulge your passions and meet like-minded individuals. After-school activities can be so much fun especially if you’re doing something you love. This way, not only are you making new friends and connections and maybe even helping a relevant cause, you’re also honing your skills: from decision-making to leadership and actually learning more about what you want and love to do.



Make a favorite out of your least-liked subject

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Resentment towards a subject will lead you to close yourself off from all the amazing things that one subject can contribute to your learning. For example, hating Chemistry will make it difficult for you to learn how elements are mixed and combined—and you’re basically missing out on the wonders of perfume-making, cooking, and making the perfect smoothie! Having an open mind will surely pave the way for lifelong growth and more learning possibilities.



Break free from routine

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A routine is good for order and clarity, but things can get monotonous and boring sometimes, don’t you agree? Add a dash of excitement to your life by switching things up a little. Veer away from your usual route to your next class and explore a different path (just be sure you’ve got lots of time in between subjects, in case you get lost!). Check out a new eating place instead of heading to your go-to fastfood joint—who knows, you might discover another favorite. And more importantly, just being open and flexible leads to other opportunities and exciting things.


Text by Yen Cantiga.
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