‘How God saved my life:’ My Pope readers share their stories

‘How God saved my life:’ My Pope readers share their stories

Today we feature three readers whose experiences prove that God moves in mysterious ways. Read on and be inspired by their stories!


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Wonder Baby

My wife had a myoma, and she was advised that she had to remove it—with one drawback: She would no longer be able to bear children. Before her surgery she went for another scan, and an embryo was detected. The doctor then advised us to delay the operation. After eight months, the doctors couldn’t locate the myoma, and the baby wasn’t moving, so my wife underwent a caesarean section. To everyone’s shock, the baby was alive and normal—and he held the myoma in his tiny arms, protecting himself and his mother. My son celebrated his

third birthday this year.

—Mccoy Sangga


Twofold Miracle

In 2011, I was in the Intensive Care Unit because of a ruptured aneurysm. Doctors didn’t think I’d survive, but I did. That was miracle number one. Then they detected another aneurysm. For six years, the doctors would check my brain, making sure that, even with the aneurysm, my condition was stable. But the last time I had an angiogram, no aneurysm was found. The doctor explained that maybe it was a mistake in diagnosis, but since he’s one of the top in his field it’s unlikely that he made a mistake. I’d like to think it was miracle number two.

—Noreen Capili


True Riches

When my lola was a young girl, she supposedly died. And in that state, she woke up to see three little angels surrounding her, pointing her to two plots of grassland with cows grazing. On one side, the grass was greener but the cows were thin. On the other side, the grass was brown and scarce but the cows were robust and fit. She asked the angels what the grasslands and cows symbolize, and they explained by saying that in the world, there are some people who are poor in soul despite being rich, while there are also some who have almost nothing but possess strong faith. She then saw herself standing at the gates of heaven, and there was St. Peter, who told her it wasn’t her time yet. Next thing she knew, she woke up with her family already mourning her.

—Aya Alonte



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