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Four ways to spread joy this Advent

If you have an Advent wreath at home, you’ll notice that there’s something special about the candle assigned for this week—the third week of Advent. 


Traditionally, three of the four candles are in the liturgical color of purple, while the candle assigned to Week Three is in the color of pink. Pink symbolizes joy, according to “The Purpose and Symbolism of the Advent wreath” on Also known as the Shepherd’s Candle, Week Three’s candle represents the happiness we feel from the news of Jesus’ birth. 


With that, we are called to spread joy to others in our daily lives. Here are four suggestions to do that: 


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Smile and say hello. 

(Image source: César Abner Martínez Aguilar on Unsplash)

Greet the security guard at the mall or your Grab or Angkas driver a good morning. Smile at the cleaning lady in the public restroom. Say “thank you” to your P2P bus driver or jeepney driver when he reaches your stop. Little things like a smile, “kumusta po,” “salamat, po,” and “ingat, po” are very much appreciated, especially by those who don’t hear it being told to them in their line of work. You’ll be surprised at how a small gesture like that can make a difference in someone’s day.   


Share good news. 

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Your presentation was a success. You’ve been cleared of a health scare. Don’t just sit there, tell somebody! At a time when the news is either fake or bad, we all could use some good news in our lives. It could be about anything—from a nice restaurant you just ate in to something funny that happened at home. Whatever it is, if it’s good, it’ll show in the way your eyes light up and in the uplifting energy you exude as you tell your story.   


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(Image source:Alex Holyoake on unsplash)

Everybody wants to be heard but few people have the ability to truly listen. Develop that rare skill by allowing people who need a shoulder to cry on to vent, express thoughts, and just say what they want to say without anyone interrupting or judging them. You don’t need to give them answers. Just be in the moment with them and stick to saying things that are comforting, sympathetic, and positive. Even the reassuring “It’s okay, it’s going to be okay” can make a person feel so much better.  


Do someone a favor. 

(Image source: Rémi Walle on Unsplash)

Let a senior citizen go ahead of you in a line. Pay for a stranger’s jeep fare. Surprise manong guard with merienda. Being nice isn’t just easy, it can be done to anyone, anytime, and anywhere! And nobody has ever said no to an unexpected act of kindness. 

Text by Joy Rojas. 

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