Here’s why Jose Rizal is the original millennial the youth can look up to

Here’s why Jose Rizal is the original millennial the youth can look up to

If you’re from the Philippines, it’s almost impossible for you to not know who Jose Rizal is. His life and works have been taught in schools from elementary up to college— arguably making him the most famous Filipino! But did you know that Rizal would be considered a millennial if he lived today? Yes, our National Hero might have died at the young age of 35, but he was able to pack in so many accomplishments in true YOLO fashion. Here’s why he’s the actual embodiment of #lifegoals:


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He traveled a lot

If Jose Rizal lived in the 21st century, he’d have more stamps on his passport than the average millennial! As history taught us, Pepe (his nickname) studied in Spain (when he was just 21 years old!) and traveled around the world. In fact, his most-visited places were Hong Kong, Japan, and Paris. But take note, Rizal was not your ordinary traveler as he made sure to learn a little something from these places (including each country’s native tongue)—a must for every millennial who travels a lot. Talk about #cultured!



He spoke his mind

If Rizal had access to social media during his time, he probably would have aired his opinions on all the social issues we have today. However, because he is an intellectual and a skilled writer, his opinions would never have fake news sources, and he wouldn’t be a “keyboard warrior,” either, because he would make sure to study each issue in-depth before airing his two cents. For that, he would probably be a youth influencer—as he still should be today.



He had a lot of raket!

If there’s one thing we can attribute to Rizal, it’s that he was a master of many trades and used them to his advantage. Not only was he a medical doctor, he was also freelancing as a newspaper contributor for La Solidaridad. Aside from that, he wrote books and poems and was also a teacher. And because our national hero is a multi-talented person, he was a stand-in model in one of Juan Luna’s paintings!



He firmly believed that the young people could change the world—for the better!

It was Jose Rizal who uttered the famous words, “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan,” solidifying his belief that the youth can spark change and make a difference—a feat he did for his fellowmen. Follow in his footsteps and continue to make the world a better place, because why not, right?


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Text by Yen Cantiga. Photos from Flickr and GIPHY.
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