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Celebrate Noche Buena a la Pope Francis!

As a cardinal back in Argentina, Pope Francis would celebrate Christmas in a quiet manner with a few guests. While the menu didn’t include the usual South American Christmas standouts like porchetta, the dishes were tasty and filling. And more than anything, they celebrated the spirit of simple abundance. Here are several recipes of Cardinal Bergoglio’s Christmas dishes—just in time for you to prepare them for your own Noche Buena.



Photo courtesy of Lucila Cakes

Mix 75 g sugar, 125 g softened butter, 1 yolk, and 1 whole egg. Sift 100 g “00” type flour in a bowl and 150 g potato flour. Add the flour to the mixture and knead it until it’s blended. After letting it rest for 2 hours in the refrigerator, spread the dough and cut into round shapes with 4-cm diameter. Fill one circle with dulce de leche and place a second one on top. Bake in the oven heated at 180˚C for 10 minutes.


Alfajores is a classic Argentinian dessert.


Huevos Rellenos

Photo from http://alimentaciontemprana.com.ar/huevos-rellenos/

Place 6 eggs in a pot cover them with water, and cook them for 8 minutes until boiling. Strain, peel, cut into halves, and take the yolks out. Blend the yolks with 60 grams mayonnaise, 50 grams Emmental cheese, 60 grams sour cream, some parsley, and 200 grams canned tuna. Use the mixture to fill out the hard-boiled egg whites. Note: The cardinal’s recipe uses tuna, but you can include other ingredients.


Huevos Rellenos are stuffed eggs, and are also known as deviled eggs. The dish got its unusual name from the term “deviling,” a process for spicing up food. However, some countries stuck with “stuffed eggs,” especially when served during a religious event—they wouldn’t want this delicious dish associated with the devil!



For more recipes of Pope Francis’ Christmas dishes, read the full article that appears in the December 2017 issue of My Pope Philippines.
Text by Adriano Alimonti and Stephanie L. Jesena
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