Meet the 'Rock and Roll Nuns' who will perform for Pope Francis in Panama City

Meet the ‘Rock and Roll Nuns’ who will perform for Pope Francis in Panama City

A group of ‘rock and roll nuns’ are hoping to make Pope Francis dance to his feet during this week’s World Youth Day celebrations in Panama City.


The band, known as Siervas or Servants, is a Peruvian group that is slowly making its name online with millions of Youtube views and hits on Spotify and Itunes. Its members are of different nationalities, with some coming from countries like Japan, Ecuador, Chile, China, and Costa Rica. Their vocalist and keyboard player, Sister Kathleen, is from the Philippines.


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Sister Ivonne, the Chilean guitarist and lyricist of the band, says Siervas is their way to communicate their message of love, joy, and hope to wider sets of audiences. “This [band] is another form of bringing our evangelical message, showing our strength — that’s to say, it’s also music that we like, it shows a lot about who we are,” she said in an interview.


Siervas is an 11-member band that usually performs in Spanish language. Their music video, “Confía en Dios” (Trust in God), which shows the band performing in a helipad atop a building, garnered almost two million views in Youtube alone.




Text by Aizel Dolom.
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